Nevis Road update by Hansfd

We did this trip in a Subaru Outback, starting from the Garston end. A "real" 4wd will eat this route for breakfast, but if anyone’s contemplating this route in a soft-roader, it’s worth mentioning that when you’re short on ground clearance like we are, then the Nevis absolutely DOES contain some significant challenges — it becomes a much slower and more careful trip than outlined on this page. We took four hours to cover it, with a lunch stop and lots of reconnaissance wades through the deepest of the 25 crossings.

My feeling is that, while there’s plenty of grade two here, this route is also peppered with grade three sections.

The Outback never had any trouble, but a couple of the deeper crossings were probably close to its wading limit. I wouldn’t try this route after any appreciable rain.

This is a brilliant trip in all respects - the scenery is spectacular, especially at the Bannockburn end, and you won’t regret taking this one slowly.
Put this on your bucket list...
Put this on your bucket list...
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