Takahue Saddle

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Route Overview

General Overview
The Takahue Saddle Road is situated deep in the heart of the Far North, it is a Legal Paper road that crosses the Raetea Forest and connects the Takahue and Broadwood settlements.
Unmaintained by local council, care of the Takahue Saddle has fallen to the Kaitaia 4WD Club who do a fantastic job of cutting back vegetation and keeping the route open.
This being said the Takahue saddle is not for the faint hearted, deep ruts, washouts and steep drops make for a very adventurous drive. Fallen trees and bush rash is what gives this route its reputation.
Start/Finish Point
The route starts at the Takahue hall on the Takahue Saddle road and finishes on the Takahue Saddle road in Broadwood.
Terrain includes
The road starts off as gravel, however it quickly deteriorates and gives way to Rock, clay, Mud and one river crossing.
The track itself is only 9Km, However this does not account for the gravel sections either side.
Max Fuel Leg
Total round trip from Kaitaia including the Takahue Saddle is 72Km.
A full Tank is recommended before driving this route
Drive time
Due to the unpredictability of the track conditions 3-4 hours should be allowed to complete the Takahue saddle Road.
There is one open area directly after crossing the Reremapere Stream which is suitable for freedom camping. Other accommodation can be found in Kaitaia.
Access Permission
The Takahue saddle is a legal paper road. However due to its ever changing condition it is advised that the Kaitaia 4WD Club is contacted as they keep it maintained.

Kaitaia 4WD Club Email: [email protected]
Access Limitations
It is very likely that the track can become impassable during winter months due to adverse weather.
Preparation and Safety
Due to its remoteness and it's challenging terrain a minimum of two vehicles is advised. Adequate recovery equipment and experience required.
A large portion of the route has no cellphone reception.

Legs in this Expedition

Leg 1 <span>(3 photos)</span>
Leg 1 (3 photos)
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